Welcome to Teerna Roon. The Land of Secrets is a world of technology, luxury, and drudgery. A highly stratified society, humans, elves, dwarves, giants, and vedalken strive for a digital afterlife in The Otherworld.

Heavily influenced by cyberpunk and film noir, Teerna Roon is foggy, rainy, full of computers and constructs, and a bit of a police state. The wealthy live comfortable lives; the poor must struggle. Gremlins feast on the electricity that fuels the plane, and gremlin catching is one way to rise in status.

The set’s new themes reflect this world:

Glitch: Some things don’t work as they should
Reboot: Sometimes you have to do it again
Reverse Engineer: Sometimes you have to work backward
Transfer: Sometimes you can share resources
Network: Some things work better together

“Teerna Roon” is a custom Magic: The Gathering set, consisting of 228 cards (180 new, 48 reprints).

This is an enchantment-matters set that takes place in a cyberpunk-meets-Celtic-mythology world.